A St. Louis Sunroom Renovation Can Combine Relaxation with an In-Home Office

Whether you’re working from home or want a place to focus on your hobby, there’s an easy way to make a space for that. A simple sunroom renovation in St. Louis can turn it into the perfect home office to meet your needs. Enjoy a beautiful space where you can get some work done with no commute necessary. Being productive is much easier and more fun when it’s in a space where you can feel comfortable, and it doesn’t take much to make your sunroom double as an office.

A sunroom renovation could include plants for clean air, curtains and blinds for privacy, or soft rugs for taking breaks. The best part about a home office is that you can decorate it however you like with no company policy to get in the way of your artistic vision. Sunrooms are particularly well suited to work in because having lots of sunlight makes spending hours in front of a computer screen much easier on your eyes. Whenever you need to look away and rest, you can enjoy a lovely view of your yard and garden. Companies like JM Construction can offer even more ways to make your sunroom work for work.


The Right Interior Design for Kitchens Can Make Yours Party Central in St. Louis

Diagonal Split Screen Of Drawing and Photo of Beautiful New KitchenThese days, your kitchen can offer so much more than meal preparation. With a few tricks, it can be the social center of your home where family and friends gather together to make memories. Factoring socialization into an interior for kitchens in St. Louis can pay off when you host your next event. Everything from the size to the seating makes a difference. Bar stools let your guests keep you company while you get dinner ready. A spacious design allows for multiple cooks to comfortably work together in the same space.

Some features of interior design for kitchens to consider are cabinets, countertops, and islands. Certain kinds of cabinetry can even store a TV for people to watch with you, and the countertop is an excellent place to put out plates and bowls of food. As for the island, it can provide seating, storage, and serving area to meet your party needs. All of these elements together make your kitchen the best place to hang out and have fun. Consult a trusted company like JM Construction to learn more about how you can make this happen.

Building a Chef’s Kitchen in Your Home with a Kitchen Remodel in St. Louis

Kitchen Remodel in St. Louis MoThe kitchen is the heart of the home and is where gatherings seem to migrate. Who can blame them though, the smell of food wafting through the air is just as enticing as the latest tea being spilled. So when it comes to a kitchen remodel in St. Louis, you want to make sure all your personal touches and upgrades are available so you can make the most out of hosting parties and gatherings.

The fun part about remodeling your kitchen is all the amazing materials, textures, and colors you can choose from to bring out the uniqueness of your home. That’s why picking the right company to help you bring your vision to life is important. JM Construction is renowned for putting their skills into an incredible kitchen remodel. Renovating your home is always a good idea as it will help increase the value of your home should you choose to sell it in the future.

Contact JM Construction to learn more about their remodeling services. Get your kitchen project underway with some of the best workers and see your dream kitchen brought to life.

Adding a Luxury Shower to Your Bathroom

Bathroom Interior Design in St. LouisBathrooms are our little private zones where we can clean and freshen up whether to start or end the day. It goes without saying that we all want to personalize our bathrooms with the best aesthetic that can transform them into our personal oasis. JM Construction is a leading home remodeling company that always works closely with you and your vision. You can rely on their team of experts for an excellent bathroom interior design in St. Louis.

Remodeling a bathroom can be tricky considering the plumbing and pipes that need to be moved around or replaced. But there’s no need to worry; an established company will have the skilled personnel to take care of a bathroom’s structural blueprints. Customizations are also available for your bathroom interior design. Your dream bathroom should be both beautiful and functional, down to the last detail. Take this chance to bring your dream bathroom to life with custom cabinets, walk-in showers, and luxurious bathtubs.

You can contact JM Construction to learn more about their services. Be a part of the bathroom interior design process and have fun thinking about all the materials, colors, and textures available to make your place unique.

Transforming a Small Bathroom

Bathroom Interior Design St LouisJust because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean the space can’t make a big impact. There are numerous options for updating small bathrooms so that they are beautiful, comfortable, and convenient spaces that boost your home’s ambiance. When you’re ready to enhance your bathroom interior design in St Louis, JM Construction is here for you. Our skilled professionals have extensive experience creating elegant bathrooms. A few of your options include:

  • New Tile – Floor and wall tiles are a popular way to add sophistication to bathrooms. Whatever your personal tastes are, you are sure to find a tile style to match. Installing tile contributes to the allure and value of your home.
  • Modern Sinks and Fixtures – The right sinks and faucets can make even small bathrooms have major design appeal. These are practical features that are also opportunities to add an aesthetic flourish.
  • Updated Lighting – There’s no need to have boring light fixtures in your bathroom. Our team can install the new lighting that gives your space a touch of elegance.
  • Custom Cabinets – When space is an issue, every inch counts. With custom cabinets, you can have some much-needed storage space that also serves as a highlight of your bathroom’s design.

Whatever you have in mind for bathroom interior design, we will make it a reality. We welcome the opportunity to serve you and makeover your bathroom.

Ways to Use a Sunroom in Your Home

Home Remodeling Contractors in St Louis, MOAdding on a sunroom is a great way to make the most of your home’s available space. These rooms are bright, attractive, and can serve a variety of purposes. If you are thinking of updating your home with a gorgeous new sunroom, the pros at JM Construction are the home remodeling contractors in St Louis, MO, to trust. We have the skill and experience to bring your sunroom design ideas to life. Just a few ways you can use your sunroom include:

  • Entertainment Area – The natural light of a comfortable sunroom is an ideal place for hosting guests.
  • Home Office – Sunrooms bring a sense of openness that makes them relaxing spaces for concentrating on work.
  • Breakfast Room – Families love the coziness and brightness of their sunroom to share a meal at the start of the day.
  • Hobby & Leisure Room – Whether you like to spend your leisure time doing arts and crafts, reading, or just watching TV, a sunroom creates a soothing atmosphere for your favorite activities.

As your home remodeling contractor, we are committed to bringing your ideas to life. We look forward to hearing from you and getting started on your sunroom.

Using Concrete In Your Home

When it comes to concrete, you probably think it has no real place in the home except for maybe its foundation. Concrete isn’t usually associated with style and sophistication, but that’s changing. Today, concrete is being recognized as a chic interior design choice by adding contemporary design styles to homes.

Concrete is strong and durable, which is why it’s the perfect choice for home applications that require a sturdy, solid material.

Flooring: Maybe the most common use of concrete at home is for flooring. You can elevate the look while putting your stamp on it with a finish of your choice, that when polished up, boasts a uniquely modern look.

Sinks: Porcelain has a new competitor. If you want to give your sink a modern twist, why not consider concrete? Easy to maintain, this material also offers a clean look that is calming for a bathroom space. If you’re looking to transform your master suite from a standard bathroom into your very own tranquil sanctuary with bathroom remodeling in St. Charles, MO, you can’t go wrong with concrete.

Countertops: Kitchen areas need an easy-wipe surface that doesn’t scratch and is resistant to heat. Concrete fulfills all these requirements, making cooking and clean-up an easy task, not to mention it’s a long-lasting surface that will serve you well into the future.

Creating The Perfect Kids Playroom

With kids come toys. Lots and lots of toys! Every parent knows the struggle of having their living room converted into a playroom. Keeping the kids entertained and occupied versus keeping your house tidy and livable is a daily battle. But what if everyone could have their own space to enjoy? The ideal solution to this struggle is to have a dedicated playroom – an area where the kids can play happily, but without having every toy they own strewn throughout your house.

Turn your spare bedroom or a corner of the basement into a play space or improve the value of your home by adding a loft conversion or an extension to make a playroom the kids will love. Wherever you make room, use these tips for creating the perfect space.

  1. Storage, storage, storage
    Kids accumulate a lot of stuff, so it’s necessary to keep the place tidy by having ample storage, including shelves, toy boxes, and cupboards to tuck away their things.
  1. Floorspace
    You don’t want to overcrowd the room, leaving the kiddos with no room to spread out their things to play. The more floor space you can give them, the better.
  1. Comfy Space
    While the kids will love their own play area, they’ll also love their own chill-out zone. Bean bag chairs make the perfect spot to read a good book, play video games, or watch a favorite movie.

JM Construction/ JM Kitchen and Bath, your St. Charles kitchen and bath professionals, also specialize in whole home renovations. When you’re ready to give the kids their own play space, call on us to get the job done.


Designing A Home That Won’t Go Out Of Style

Everyone wants a home that will last through the years and hold up against both trends and time. Designing a home that will transition with you throughout the years and is eco-conscious – saving you time, energy, and money – is possible with the right planning.

  • #1 Keep It Simple
    Choosing a style that will last means keeping your design and style simple. For example, a minimalist look with neutral-tone walls is preferential over following trends.
  • #2 Make It Eco-Friendly
    Green homes are a trend that will never go out of style. While not everyone can upgrade to solar panels, there are plenty of low-budget solutions like a smart thermostat system, low-flow showerheads, or weathering-stripping doors and windows.
  • #3 Don’t Forget The Tech
    Smart technology is making our lives easier in many ways. You can ensure your family’s safety with remote alarm systems, there are voice-activated door locks and lights, plus you can even turn on your oven remotely.

Future-proofing your home isn’t only about eco-friendly choices and the newest gadgets. It’s about making smart choices for your future. Are you planning to have kids? Is there ample room as everyone grows and ages? Will the space work for you when you are older and have mobility issues? Can you work to lower your energy costs and your overall carbon footprint? These decisions will ensure your home serves you and your family for years to come. Contact JM Construction / JM Kitchen and Bath, home remodeling contractors in St. Louis, MO, when you’re ready to future-proof your forever home.

Three Reasons You Should Hire An Interior Designer For Your Bathroom

Doing a bathroom renovation without consulting a professional interior designer can be a really big missed opportunity. Not only can they maximize the overall results of your remodel, but undertaking this important upgrade to such a vital room in your home can turn into a disaster without the proper guidance. Ask anyone who’s done their own bathroom design and construction, and they’ll likely tell you they wish they had hired an expert in interior design for bathroom in St. Louis.

Don’t make that mistake. JM Construction / JM Kitchen and Bath has an experienced interior designer on staff to help you create the most relaxing and luxurious bathroom of your dreams. Here are just a few reasons why you shouldn’t start a bathroom remodel without consulting an interior designer.

  1. Experience and Knowledge – Before the contractors can do the physical work on installing your new shower, vanity, tile, or sink, there needs to be a design strategy in the first place — this is where the knowledge and experience of an interior designer are beneficial.
  2. Translate Your Ideas Into Reality – Interior designers are highly trained and experienced at turning drab spaces into beautiful, functional ones. Plus, they always have their finger on the pulse of new trends in bathroom design that you may be interested in implementing into your space.
  3. Save Time and Money – You likely have no idea how certain structural selections can affect the mechanics of the job or the installation of various components, but an interior designer does. A trained, experienced designer will have this knowledge and be able to advise you best.