Personal and Professional Whole Home Remodeling

Why spend years updating one room at a time when you could save time and money by doing all of them at once? JM Construction / JM Kitchen and Bath offers complete home remodel throughout the St. Louis, MO area that works with every part of your house. Our contractors fix up exterior and interior spaces according to your specifications and let you get creative with customization. From the flooring to the trim work to the windows and wall colors, you have endless opportunities to make a design statement.

Our team is more than qualified to advise you on your choices, especially concerning our name-brand materials. We’ve been in this industry long enough to know the advantages and drawbacks of tile vs hardwood, granite countertops vs marble, etc. When you choose us for whole house remodels, our expertise is at your disposal. Ask as many questions as you like and we’ll give you detailed answers and estimates.

Find Ideas in Our Showroom

Trying to come up with ideas for your entire house may seem overwhelming, which is why we’ve put some together to make it easier. Our company owns an enormous showroom full of project samples on display to offer inspiration. Feel free to walk around with our associates and see what’s possible.

Why Remodel?

Remodeling brings some of the most benefits of any home improvement project. Besides the personal satisfaction that comes with having your home exactly the way you want it, this project can also give you financial gain. This is in part because of the chance for greater energy efficiency. Having new lighting, plumbing, and appliances installed could save you a bundle on energy bills. Many of our contractors are skilled in these fields and know how to make them give you the greatest return on your investment.

The savings continue even if you decide to sell your house. Remodeling raises your property value tremendously and makes it more attractive to potential buyers. In the case of whole house remodels, you won’t have to worry about one room dragging the price down by being out of date. You’ll receive a much higher price that you can put toward a new home when you move.

We make your whole house come together. Contact us for an exceptional remodel today.