Sunrooms, Screen Porches, and What They Add

Every homeowner likes to enjoy the outdoors and their exterior spaces, but this can be difficult when Mother Nature has other plans. JM Construction / JM Kitchen and Bath builds sunrooms and screen porches throughout the St. Louis, MO area that give their owners the best of both worlds. These spaces offer most of the same amenities of a deck with the added benefit of shelter. Depending on which you go for, you could enjoy protection from rain, bugs, and extreme heat or cold.

There’s a Lot to Love in Each

A sunroom addition refers to the construction of a room made of mostly large glass windows. A space like this is perfect for plants, entertaining, or just lounging in the sun. Screen porch renovation is similar but uses screens instead of glass windows. This offers less protection but a greater connection with nature. You don’t have to worry about using up your HVAC and energy bills and can just enjoy the outdoors as it is. We can give you more details about the differences between them here at our showroom.

Your Addition is Tailored to Your Tastes

The reason to hire us for your screen porch or sunroom renovation is that we design and build it exactly the way you like. We work closely with you on the design and planning phase to understand exactly the dimensions and details you’re hoping for. You decide the size, furnishings, and the overall layout of the project. Where possible, we also help you figure out a plan for electrical or heating and cooling systems. By the time we’re done, the finished addition will look as good as or better than you expected.

About Screen Porches

Screen porch additions are more affordable, in part because they don’t require electrical services. You still enjoy extra space with plenty of potential as an entertainment area. There’s no need for an expensive heating or cooling unit and you still receive protection from bugs. We build these porches to stand up to rain, snow, sun, wind, and everything else the weather can throw at them.

Bask in the sunshine with plenty of protection. Contact us to learn how a screen porch or sunroom can fit onto your home.