Bathroom Remodeling and Renovations

You and your family and guests spend a lot of time in your bathroom, so it makes sense to invest in it like you would a bedroom or kitchen. JM Construction / JM Kitchen and Bath makes that easy to do by offering an all-inclusive bathroom renovations service. We travel to homes and businesses throughout the St. Louis, MO area, with name-brand materials and highly experienced contractors. Our team takes on every task related to bathroom remodeling, starting with architectural plans. We work with you to develop a beautiful design that fulfills all your needs, and then get to work on building it.

A remodel is the opportunity to have the bathroom of your dreams. If you’ve ever stayed at a hotel room and wished that the one you have at home looked like theirs, this is your chance. We have the tools to build walk-in showers, luxurious bathtubs, custom bath cabinetry, and any countertop or floor you could want. No matter what size or style your current space is, we can make it unrecognizable.

We Make Your Bathroom Meet Your Needs

Without a doubt, the biggest benefit of a bathroom remodel is customization. Are you and your family are always fighting for a place to put your products? We can design the bathroom countertops and cabinets specifically to fit everything. Do you have a bathtub you never use and don’t really want? We can convert it into a shower to save you space and maintenance.

You also have unlimited choices when it comes to your flooring, especially if you decide to go with tile. We know how to install everything to withstand moisture and last long. Our service is fully insured and has been ranked in the top 500 in Remodelers Magazine for 16 years straight, so you know you’re getting exceptional work.

A Showroom Full of Inspirations and Ideas

Some homeowners aren’t sure what the best option is or if they want is possible, and that’s okay. If that’s the case for you, we invite you to visit our showroom of remodel bathroom samples and displays. Our experts are happy to guide you around and answer your questions about our services. We’re confident that by the time you leave, you’ll feel much better about your new project.

Better your bathroom the easy way. Contact us for a remodel that you can be proud of.