Create Your Dream Kitchen in 3 Steps

St. Charles Kitchen and BathAs you may already know the kitchen is the heart of the home. So many family meals are prepared and shared here, so why wouldn’t you want to make your kitchen as beautiful as your precious memories? JM Kitchen and Bath is here to help you create your dream kitchen, so we compiled a list of three things to make your kitchen stand out from the rest.

Custom Cabinets- When you walk into a kitchen, the first thing you notice is the cabinets. This is why investing in quality custom cabinets is a smart choice. Not only will custom cabinets make a statement, but you can select the style, color, and height.

Countertops- From granite to laminate and everything in between, you can count on us for a diverse selection of countertops. Selecting the right countertop will bring the entire kitchen together because they sit on top of the cabinets.

Appliances- You don’t want to renovate your entire kitchen and still have outdated appliances. Many people are choosing stainless steel for their refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher.

Discover the endless possibilities for your renovation by giving us a call at (636) 332-6800 today. We are happy to help people with St. Charles kitchen and bath remodels.

3 Tips to Designing Your Own Tranquil Oasis

St. Louis Bathroom RemodelingMake every day a spa day by renovating your bathroom into your own private oasis. Tranquility plays a huge role in the calming atmosphere of a spa. JM Kitchen and Bath wants to share the three main factors that go into creating a tranquil space.

Color- Typically cooler colors like light blues, shades of gray, soft greens, and white have a calming effect. When picking out a paint color for your new bathroom, really think about how this color makes you feel. If the answer is relaxed, then you have a winner.

Flooring- There are multiple flooring options for you to choose from including ceramic tile, vinyl, laminate, or natural stone. Whichever style you choose we recommend you select a neutral tone to continue the tranquility throughout the entire bathroom.

Lighting- The lighting is the key to setting the atmosphere in your bathroom. Really bright lights can be harsh and dim lights can be dark. Some people will choose to put both in and have two different switches. Others tend to choose a light fixture that provides adequate light without being harsh.

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3 Things to Consider Before Renovating Your Bathroom

Home Remodeling Contractors St. Louis MOUpdating your bathroom is very exciting, but it is crucial to have a game plan before blindly charging into a renovation. At JM Construction Kitchen & Bath, we want you to be prepared for a big project such as tackling your bathroom. We want to share three things for you to consider, so your project does not become overwhelming.

Budget- Money is always an important topic to cover. Setting a budget will help you stay on track when picking out tile, sinks, lighting, and other aesthetics.

Layout- Working with the existing layout will save you money in the long run. It costs more to move the plumbing, but it can be done if that is what you really want.

Aesthetics- Picking accessories and other decorative items that are cohesive will make your bathroom have the same theme. By choosing items that complement each other, your bathroom will feel cohesive when it is complete.

When you are in need of home remodeling contractors in St. Louis, MO, count on JM Kitchen & Bath to handle your home improvement project no matter how big or small it is. Give us a call at (636) 332-6800 to discuss your bathroom vision with the professionals right now.


3 Reasons to Have a Sunroom

Sunroom RenovationDo you love spending time outside, but have allergies or dislike getting bit by mosquitoes? You need a sunroom, so you can enjoy the outdoors without actually being outside! There are numerous reasons to add a sunroom to your home, but we want to discuss just three.

Enjoy Every Season- No matter what season it is, you will have a front row view of it. Whether the leaves are falling or the flowers are blooming, you will be able to watch Mother Nature unfold before your eyes.

Creative Space- Many people like to use this space to get work done because you are surrounded by nature. This could be used as an office or a place for inspiration.

Natural Light- All the windows let in plenty of natural light, so you don’t have to turn on any lights throughout the day. Since you are not using any electricity, you are saving money.

If you are thinking about remodeling your home, you should consider adding a sunroom. With plenty of natural light and Mother Nature as your muse, there will always be something to do in your new sunroom. Request an estimate for a sunroom renovation by calling us at (636) 332-6800 today.

4 Reasons to Choose a Frameless Shower Door for Your Bathroom

St. Louis Bathroom RemodelingA bathroom renovation is a huge project to tackle and we want to break down the process for you. When renovating your bathroom, there are many small decisions to make along the way before you can enjoy your updated bathroom. One of those decisions is selecting the right shower door to compliment your new space. Here are some benefits of choosing a frameless shower door for your bathroom renovation.

Luxurious– Achieve an elegant and modern look by installing frameless glass shower doors in your new bathroom. With clean lines, your bathroom will instantly feel larger and luxurious.

Customizable– No two showers are the same, which makes installing shower doors difficult. Since frameless glass doors are customizable, you can have one made to fit your specific shower.

Easier to clean– Cleaning mold and mildew off shower doors is not the way you want to spend your weekends. Unlike other shower doors, there are no grooves in a frameless shower door for mildew to grow, which cuts down on the cleaning time.

Protecting your investment – Another way you can invest in your home is to purchase ShowerGuard glass for your shower. This glass is one-of-a-kind because it permanently protects against staining and corrosion. You never have to worry about replacing the glass because it is backed by a lifetime warranty.

For St. Louis bathroom remodeling, you can depend on JM Construction to revive your bathroom. We will help you make decisions throughout the renovation process to ensure you adore your new space. Give us a call today at (636) 332-6800 to schedule a design consultation with our team of professionals.

Don’t Pout over the Grout

Once the tile has been selected it doesn’t have to be stressful choosing the grout. Easy guidelines to go by:

  • Choose gray tones in high traffic, busy areas that work well to hide the grime
  • Choose neutral tones to harmonize
  • Choose dark tones to create drama, attract attention

LOU the WHO?

Sometimes it’s better to trust a local contractor/dealer and not worry so much about saving a few dollars on an item or two. More times than not the local dealer will employ their own staff and be able to stay with the project from start to finish, unlike the Home Improvement companies that only use sub-contractors and no control over how or when the project goes.

My Sink Is Not My Momma’s

My mom always had a very shallow stainless sink. She is overwhelmed by all the choices. I prefer a composite sink, that not only allows one to have a choice of beautiful colors to coordinate the personality of the kitchen but also has amazing depth and attractive pricing.